Monday, March 3, 2008

Say What? Pt 2

I've often compared having a baby to having a puppy in the house. Now I think that parents of small children and drunk college students have some of the same phrases. For example, "Is that pee I'm stepping in?", "Huh, I just found a chunk of cheese in the dryer," and "Is that peanut butter in your ear?" As a matter of fact, I may have uttered these statements while in college, but I wouldn't know for sure as I was memory impaired at the time.

Yeah, I love being a mom. I actually enjoy these times and these bizarre phrases that are such a normal part of my day. Of course, I have a vague memory of enjoying those college days, too. And, I wake up every morning now feeling like I just got hit by the same freight train as hit me then. Of course, a beer glass can't give me a big hug and kiss with chubby little arms.

Ooooooh! I just can't wait to get more tomorrow and hear myself say more things that only another parent would understand!

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