Thursday, October 30, 2008

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time (DST) ends this weekend and we are back on Standard Time. Finally. As an adult paying the electric bills, I really detest DST. I read an article this morning from the Wall Street Journal suggesting that DST doesn't save electricity as was the original plan, but rather, wastes it. Well, yeah, duh. If the Spring/Summer/Fall supposed seasons run into 100+ degrees every day and daylight lasts until after 9PM, then my air conditioner is running longer and harder every day which means so is everyone else around me.

I propose that the great state of Texas do away with DST and save $$ on our valuable electricity. It will still be light outside for our activities in the Summer and cool off a bit so that we can actually enjoy them.

Who's with me? Let's get this started. Who do we call?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

See You at the Polls

I usually don't like to pass around political musings. I consider myself more Independent than either side. I do this because there are people on both sides of the political spectrum that I just don't want to be lumped in with. But there are things that I'm concerned about with this election. A friend and I have been trading information on both candidates in a very friendly, Christian way to show why we believe our candidate of choice is the way we are going. I told my friend that I don't think either man is the wrong man for the job, but I'm very concerned about the controlling party in Congress depending on who gets the gig.

Then this article crosses my laptop from our home-school coalition. It's a bit lengthy, but pretty much sums up my Christian concerns. Some of it may be a bit far fetched, but how much? And do we really want to find that out too late? And I just love the part about home-schoolers. See you at the polls.

End of Day --10/22/08

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


The Angry Left vs. Middle America

In past reports, I have warned that the "angry Left" is not trying to win an election, it is trying to destroy the conservative movement. Once in power, it intends to use the force of Big Government to shut down Christian and conservative talk radio with the Fairness Doctrine. Pastors will be gagged by "hate crimes" legislation. Religious liberty will be further threatened when a new liberal Supreme Court majority redefines marriage in every state of the union.

Liberal labor bosses will get sweeping new powers, including stripping the right to a secret ballot from workers. Radical leftwing groups like ACORN and Planned Parenthood will get more of your tax dollars to promote leftwing candidates and causes. And all the while, Big Media will hail the "new Great Society" as Joe the Plumber is taxed to "spread the wealth" for socialized health care and "tax cuts" to those who don't pay income taxes.

But before any of this can become a reality, the Left must seize power at the ballot box. ACORN has been doing its part – working overtime to register new voters – real and imagined, including Mickey Mouse and a dead goldfish. Its efforts have seriously gummed up the process and are creating chaos for elections officials and poll workers in critical states. (This week, all nine Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee have signed a letter demanding an investigation into ACORN's activities. Why aren't any Democrats concerned?)

In recent weeks, we have received many messages from McCain/Palin supporters telling us that their yard signs have been torn down and ripped up. I have seen it in my own neighborhood in the Washington, D.C., suburbs. Today, there is a news report that the home of Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman was vandalized. His garage was spray painted with this ominous warning: "You are a criminal. Resign or else."

Yesterday, five CodePink protestors interrupted a speech by Karl Rove and tried to handcuff him in a citizen's arrest for "treason." Did anyone try to arrest Harry Reid for saying the war in Iraq was "lost"? Did anyone try to arrest John Murtha for calling our Marines "cold-blooded killers"?

Now one Washington, D.C., news outlet is reporting that police departments coast-to-coast are "preparing for possible civil unrest and riots" on Election Day. According to The Hill, "Some worry that if Barack Obama loses and there is suspicion of foul play in the election, violence could ensue…Others based the need for enhanced patrols on past riots … and also on Internet rumors."

This is America, not some banana republic. We have been holding peaceful elections and respectful transitions of power for over 200 years. Yet, why are police suddenly worried about riots on Election Day? Who will be rioting? The angry Left. The same folks who stormed the streets during the Republican National Convention; who turn out to shout obscenities at our soldiers when they are deployed overseas; who regularly shout down conservative speakers on college campuses and who protest capitalism during major economic summits.

James Carville has already warned us that "it would be very, very, very dramatic out there" if Obama loses. Carville said, "A lot of Democrats would have a great deal of angst and anger." Is that a threat? Of course, no one worries about riots if Senator McCain loses. People like you respect the rule of law and put our country first.

Friends, I almost didn't write this article today. I worry that it might demoralize and frighten some of you. But we cannot live in a spirit of fear. Men and women of faith should not try to intimidate or shout down our opponents, as the Left does. We should calmly, patiently and respectfully talk to them. We should not try to handcuff anyone. We should pray for them. We shouldn't vandalize property. We should vote!

This is our country, too. We must not be intimidated. We have every right to be involved in the public process and to have our voices heard and respected. As Dr. Dobson said on his radio show today, we can decide the outcome of this election.

What's At Stake

It's difficult to overemphasize just how important it is for everyone to vote in this historic election, because I do believe our values are stake. Just consider these points and how John McCain and Barack Obama would respond to each one:

  • Five Supreme Court justices will be 70 years old or older next year. The two most liberal justices will be 76 and 89. Think about the potential consequences for the right to life, the meaning of marriage and the Second Amendment.

  • The Bush tax cuts will expire during the next president's first term. That means income taxes will go up. The per child tax credit will be cut in half. Taxes on dividends and capital gains will go up, and like a monster in a bad movie, the confiscatory "death tax" will return in all its horror.

  • The free world remains at war with Islamofascism. Earlier this week the Associated Press reported that radical Islam is on the rise in the Middle East. And Israeli press are reporting that an adviser to Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is recommending a preemptive strike against Israel. Is this the crisis Biden is warning about? Obama supporter Jesse Jackson has said that in an Obama Administration, pro-Israel "Zionists" will be out.

Conservatives must vote for John McCain, Sarah Palin and conservative congressional candidates. Not voting or voting for a third-party candidate with no chance is as good as voting for Obama. And after listening to Sarah Palin's interview with Dr. Dobson today, I'm even more excited about voting. We clearly have a lot to vote for!

And don't forget about the ballot initiatives. Folks in Arizona, California and Florida can vote FOR traditional marriage. Folks in California, Colorado and South Dakota can vote FOR the right to life.

But we also have a lot to lose. In recent days, Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann have been excoriated in the media for their comments about patriotism. But I doubt many of you heard the following quote from a major Democrat Senate candidate, Mark Warner in Virginia. He said:

"One of the things you are going to see is a coalition that is just about completely taken over the Republican Party … It is made up of the Christian Coalition… It is made up of the right-to-lifers… It's made up of the NRA … It is made up of the home schoolers… It's made up of a whole coalition of people that have all sorts of differing views that I think most of us in this room would find threatening to what it means to be an American."

Mark Warner delivered the keynote address at the Democrat National Convention this year. Warner was recruited heavily by national Democrats to run for an open Senate seat this year. While Warner's derogatory comment was not new, it reflects his values and those of the Angry Left.

And it's not very different from Barack Obama's comment about "bitter Americans clinging to their guns and religion" or the anti-American remarks of Bill Ayers or Jeremiah Wright, who screamed from the pulpit, "God D--- America." It's clear that in the Angry Left's America, there won't be much tolerance for men and women of faith.

In the remaining days of this campaign, ignore the polls and ignore the media. They told us Ronald Reagan could never win and he won in a landslide. They told us America had lost the war in Iraq, but, thanks to John McCain, we are winning. Now they say John McCain cannot win. I say Middle America hasn't spoken yet, but its voice will be heard loud and clear on November 4th!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

Yeah, okay, I'll admit it, I like to assume conspiracies on the part of big business, governments, etc. occasionally. So now, I've figured another one out: Gas Prices! See, it was always the plan for gas prices to be around $2.50-$2.60, but "they" knew we would whine and complain about it, so "they" jacked the prices up to and over $4 bucks so when the prices "dropped" down to $2.60, we would celebrate and sing praises to the oil and gas companies.

HA! I've figured it out!!

Or not.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Interest?

One of our home-school groups has a team that just competed in a local robotics competition against area high schools (and a few middle school teams). Our team ended up in 3rd place overall out of 22 teams!! And most of our kids are in 5th grade, from what I hear, so more kuddos to their teachers (parents) and of course, to the kids themselves.

Hunter had signed up to be on the Jr. team for this competition, which would have just "watched" and "supported", but learned more along the way. But he ended up being the only junior to attend an initial meeting, so the decision was made not to have a Jr. team. However, the parent leaders kept Hunter in the loop of the progress and offered him to be included in the process if he so wished. Timing kept us from going to some of the beginning meetings - and I don't think Hunter's interest would have been kept for long in the design phase, but when the robot was up and running and the team was practicing driving for the competition, Hunter went over to watch and was invited to "drive" the robot.

He was in Heaven! That's all he could talk about all day long. Then this Saturday we went to the competition event and he saw the other school's robots. He thought his team's robot was better and kids were better drivers. And yeah, from what I saw, pretty much.

Anyway, he is all into robotics now and can't wait for the next junior opportunity to get involved somehow. Cool. He's never been into sports - except for NASCAR - so this may give him something to "do". Yea!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No Wonder I'm Tired

I just found out tonight why I'm so tired.

My parents are moving from the house I grew up in. I was 3 months old when they moved into that house. My mother told my sister, Jodi, that they had been in that house for 50 years and had so much to go through.

To which Jodi replied, "Fifty years, huh? I can't wait to call Lori and let her know that."

The reason I would be concerned...I turned FORTY at my last birthday as far as I know. But the one person in this world that you would think would remember when I was born is saying she's been in the house for 50 years -the house they moved into when I was an infant.

No wonder I'm so tired. I'm 10 years older than I thought I was. Dang, I look good for 50.

From Mars

Do you ever have the feeling that someone just does not like you? Do you ever know why that is? There is a lady at my church that looks at me like I'm from Mars nearly every time I see her. She was a mentor mom in a mom group I was in a few years ago and I thought that would give us a better chance to get to know each other, but no, she avoided me like the plague and again, gave me the look. I read blogs from other friends and talk to other people who just nearly - not entirely - worship the ground she walks on, so to mention this to them would elicit the looks from Mars as well. I know that I have never been rude to this lady - I've had no reason - I've always greeted her and her family anytime I have seen them, but still...the look. I actually ran into her at a restaurant recently as we were leaving and went to greet her. She and her table mate gave me the look and then she sighed and asked if we were coming or going. I replied that we were just leaving, but I saw them and wanted to come say hello. And that was about all of that conversation. I certainly don't try to force myself on her or anyone else for that matter, but I won't be rude.

Yeah, it bothers me to the point of wondering did I inadvertently do something so long ago to really hack this woman off to the point of holding a grudge for years and years (I've been at my church for over 12 years - this has been on going since the beginning), or does she just not like the way I look? Or my husband? Or my children? Or what?

Now, there are people that I just don't like, and it's usually been over an attitude toward me or my family. But I have always greeted them and been friendly because I can't change them, but I can change my attitude towards them. If this lady is holding a grudge from the beginning, it most certainly could have been over an attitude of mine in the early days - I was 12 years younger and very immature in many ways.

Perhaps I am still immature in many ways if this still bugs me when I see her or hear people raving over how wonderful a person she is. Or maybe I'm just hurt that I would love to get to know such a wonderful woman better and feel left out of that circle. Again, immaturity. Jealousy, maybe.

Just needed to be a little transparent and throw this out there. Thanks for listening.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sad Day for Hunter

It was a sad day in McKinney today for a little boy watching a race going on in Talladega, Alabama. Jeff Gordon was doing really well today and Hunter was so excited...until...well, a blown tire on another car took Jeff out of the race - and out of championship contention.

Hunter buried himself under pillows on the couch. I asked him to come sit with me and a very teary sounding - but muffled - voice said, "why? I'm not crying." He did sit with me for a short while, but soon left the room to go mourn in his Jeff Gordon sanctuary of a bedroom.

As much as some people may not like JG, I think he is great. My little boy sees a leader of a man admitting mistakes and accepting blame when necessary and no matter what, always praising his team and their hard work.

Yeah, it was a bummer seeing him leave the track, and it was discouraging to see Hunter so upset, but it is always a good thing to be able to talk about things like this - that life doesn't always go the way we want it too - and how we can praise God in all things, no matter what.

Sorry, Jeff, but thanks for the good lesson!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Princess Diva

Hadyn loves "nunns" and "wings". For you without innate knowledge of almost 2 year old speech, this means necklaces and rings (I haven't figured out what bracelets are called). Oh, my, how we love to dress up in our nunns and wings. So much so, I found a little shelf for her growing jewelry collection.

Fitting, don't you think?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hunter and I have head to head combat occasionally. Oh, not in any violent way, but in a Mother/Teacher to Son/Pupil type of way. There are those times when he will decide on his own that something is just too hard to do and all of a sudden, he "can't do it." I really don't like those words and usually won't let them fly too far out of his mouth before "yes, you can," leaves mine.

The math curriculum we have this year is Singapore Math, which moves very quickly and is more advanced on grade level than what we would be doing in public school this year. I'm trying to make up ground from what he forgot/didn't get last year in school. So to really drill in addition math facts, I found a worksheet that has 100 boxes on it with all the math fact equations (you know, 0+1 through 9+9). The worksheet goes on top of a blank paper and the student then fills in the answers in the boxes.

When we started this worksheet on September 11th, I decided to time Hunter to see how long it would take him to do this sheet. I clocked him at 26:49. This time was atrocious! So, I set a goal for him. If he could get the time down to 8 minutes, I'd take him to Bono's Race Shop so he could pick out a new NASCAR car. We did the worksheet 3-4 times a week and charted and graphed his progress. Each time we did the sheet, his time would get better, then go back up, then progress down, on and on. Finally, on this past Monday, Hunter hit 8:30. The goal was 8 minutes so we were super close. Tuesday morning we sat down with the worksheet and talked over some problem problems and discussed how we "skip" answers we don't know immediately then come back to them later. I started the stop watch and watched my little boy blitz through these addition math facts. He hit the end and went back to the top to skim for skipped questions, answered all of them, and I hit "stop". The time on the watch was amazing to us... 6 minutes and 45 seconds!!!

We sang and danced all over the kitchen. So, yes, we went to Bono's on Wednesday and Hunter got to combine his two loves: Jeff Gordon and Speed Racer with a new 1/64th diecast car.

What a fantastic accomplishment for him (and for me). I told him that I knew he could do it and that I will continue to push him when I know he needs it, so just get used to it. I love seeing him happy with himself.