Saturday, March 29, 2008

Broken Hearts

My heart has been broken this week for a church friend and neighbor who suddenly lost her husband. It was such a shock to hear - totally unexpected. I related to a girlfriend that death is never easy to take, but things like this are seem so much harder to come to grips with because of the unexpectedness. I mean, you expect your elderly or sickly parents or grandparents to come to the end of their life - maybe before you are ready, but you expect it. You expect that a person fighting a deadly disease could lose the battle - we pray for that not to happen, but it is not out of the realm of expectations. But you don't expect someone just going to work for the day to never come home. That just isn't right.

Scott and I talked about it at some length the other night. The bottom just never know. Be prepared, love one another, because you just never know. Another friend who just experienced a sudden loss in her family asked if this is satan's work or God's timing. I told her I thought is was both - we live in a fallen world where bad things are allowed to happen, but God has a reason for everything and a time for everything. We don't have to understand, but just to have faith in Him that there is a reason and to keep praising Him in everything. I can't imagine if this happened to me. But I would just have to pray that I would hold on to God and His strength to get me through. I pray this for my friend and for all the families that are being hit by tragedy that I'm hearing about this week.

God knows about broken hearts and he loves us. His strength is sufficient to get us through. Praise!!!

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