Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not Crazy After All - A Woman Thing

I had some blood work done a week or so ago during my annual "womanly" exam because I have been feeling so...well, not tired...but drowsy and sleepy all the time. I will have moments where I feel a slight pressure in my upper chest then I will get light headed - not dizzy - and then feel super drowsy. I just want to sleep all the time and it's stressing my family out. My doctor suspected anemia, but wanted to check other things as well. If you are not a woman reading this and feel squeamish about "that time of month" talk, well, maybe you should read elsewhere today. Otherwise...

Results came in and sure enough, I am anemic, along with low iron, nearly non existent vitamin D and D something, and low testosterone. All of which will lead to my sleepiness and no energy. So, my doctor recommended a NovaSure procedure which I am scheduled for at the end of the month. This is a safe uterine ablation procedure which will essentially stop my periods without side effects or having to take hormones and giving me back my blood volume. He thinks I am losing too much blood during my periods and is sure that I will regain my energy level. Another cool thing about this is PMS is reduced or done away, too. Yea! It's only for pre-menopausal women who are not having any more children. Since I had my tubes tied after Hadyn, I think I'm done.

I went yesterday for the procedural uterine biopsy and water sonogram to check for polyps or fibroids, which there were none. And I'll go back at the end of the month for the short procedure and hopefully, prayerfully, after that, I'll feel a return of my energy and my life. I love sleeping. I could consider it a hobby, but when it interferes with my life and my family, it's a problem.

But just knowing that it is something physical, and that I'm not losing my mind, has given me a little burst of life. I was in the yard today pulling weeds. Oh, I'm tired, but there is something about knowing that it's not in my mind that helps out a little bit. And now that I've got the kids asleep, I could go to sleep myself. But I'll stay awake for a little bit to see my hubby.

I'll keep posting to see how well this works when it's done.

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