Saturday, April 26, 2008


It's easy to see the logic behind our Divine Design when you are a parent. You can see God's glory being played out in your children and in your own life from time to time. But right now, I'm wondering...what is the purpose for painful "teeth cutting"?

I mean, I nursed my children, so I am very thankful they were not born with a full set of chompers, but this little girl is going to send me over the edge lately. I told Hunter that when they are grown, he'll have the right to tell her that it was her appearance on the Earth that sent Mom completely over the edge into insanity. Oh, yeah, he will have had a good part of it, but it is Hadyn that cinches the deal. For the past few days, she hasn't slept as well, eaten as well, or been as well behaved as usual. And it's driving me crazy. Everything is whining, crying, screaming, fit throwing, food throwing, and then there's what Hadyn has been doing. HA! No, just kidding, my stress level is holding pretty good lately.

I guess this is a patience builder (we didn't have this problem with Hunter - his teeth cut pretty effortlessly) and I'll just keep hold that this too shall pass quickly. God bless these babies. I love 'em.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Still Feeling Good!

Well, it's been four weeks since Scott and I started taking the Univera product, Ageless Xtra, and WOW!! We can so tell a difference in ourselves. At first, I thought maybe I was feeling better because of the NovaSure procedure, but I was told to give my body at least 3 months for a difference there - and it's only been under one month, so it has to be the Ageless Xtra.

I blogged about some effects of this on my last blog entry but I had only just started the product. My Mom (who is 75 - don't tell her I told) is taking it, too, and she is just now beginning to tell a difference. This is not something to take if you are expecting a sudden burst of energy and a huge, immediate, drastic difference in your energy, stress level, mental clarity, and joint comfort/flexibiltiy...there are dealers on street corners with stuff for immediate action. No, this is subtle. Very subtle. My Mom said she was looking in the fridge for something, and noticed some containers that needed to be cleaned out. Normally, her thought pattern would be something like, "oh, those need to be cleaned out...I'll get to them later..." and of course, we know, later only comes when you have no other choice. But on this day, she grabbed the containers and cleaned them out. Then she noticed her sink faucet needed a good scrubbing, and she started on that. Before too long, she realized that she had cleaned her kitchen...something that she knew needed to be done, she just didn't have the energy for it. Now, when I talk to her on the phone, she's not sitting in the living room with my Dad watching TV all the time, she's up doing things. As the product works into her system more, I would imagine her focus and clarity will start sharpening up, too.

Scott has been taking it with me and he doesn't come home from work and crash on the couch at night anymore. As an example for him, last Friday, he took Hunter to school and came home and decided to clean the house. Naturally, I let him! He cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors, shampooed the carpets, and then went out to mow and edge the yard. Then, that evening, we played at the church for the Women's Conference. His focus is really coming back to him to get himself organized and structured on a work and practice schedule, which is something he has struggled with doing lately.

For me, I've had more energy, more clarity, way less stress, and now I've noticed that my back and shoulder doesn't bother me as much as it had been. Okay, yes, I have been going to a chiropractor for a while, but I think it is the combination that has really helped me.

I talked to someone else the other day who said she isn't telling much of a difference, but she might not be able to tell it right now...remember, it is subtle.

Anyway, for something that is not chemical laden, good for you, and really works, I recommend it. I'm still feeling good...and starting to lose some weight, too!! Whoo Hoo!!

Take care!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Feeling Good!

Okay, as odd as it may sound coming from me lately....I feel good. I'm not bouncing off the walls or anything, but I just "feel" good...or I feel well...whatever works for you.

I've been taking Univera products my doctor suggested and I can really tell a difference. The company's website (along with my doctor) claim that the Ageless Xtra product I'm taking does the following: Promotes Vital Energy, Supports Mental Clarity and Focus, Helps Manage Stress, and Promotes Joint Comfort and Flexibility. Uh huh, right, sure. Right? But guess what?!! IT DOES!!!

I could tell a difference in two days of taking this product. It was subtle, but there. I caught myself thinking "I feel good". I haven't thought that in a long while. I don't feel as tired as I have been feeling. I'm not jittery (no caffiene), not "reved up", just good. Then two days ago, we went through a small, but evident crisis here. During the afternoon, our tornado sirens went off and the local news was telling everyone in our area to take immediate shelter. I had Hunter, Hadyn and Ethan here. Hunter and Ethan flew off to grab pillows and headed to the bathtub in my bathroom. Hunter was screaming at me to come on, hurry up, etc. I went to grab their shoes, and a board to put over us in the tub. I had them in the bathroom and was trying to corral Hadyn to stay in the bathroom while I was watching the news and trying to see what was going on and where. With 3 little ones - one in a panic, one who would not stop talking, and one who did not see why she had to stay with the other two - you would think I'd be a little stressed, but no. After that crisis, the boys were playing and starting fighting and screaming with each other. I hate screaming. But again, I was stress free and just separated them and went on with my day.

Yeah, I think it works. I'm sold anyway. Anything that is natural, been around the world forever (30 years in Korea), my trusted physician has researched and likes, and the fact that IT WORKS, well count me in.

Let me know if you want to feel better, too! I'll hook you up!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Changing of the Guard

Hunter is 6 years, Hadyn is 17 months. They love each other. They adore each other. They can't wait to see each other every day. And for right now, Hunter can bug the crud out of his sister. I imagine it won't be long for the changing of the guard and it to be the other way around for a while.

They take their bath together (this will be something else to change in time, too). It is generally easier on me to put them in the tub together and let brother "keep-an-eye" on sis so I can clean up after dinner and get their pj's ready for them for bed. But I do have to leave the bathroom with the command, "keep your hands off of her, keep out of her face, don't dump water over her head, and quit annoying her!"

It's funny to have to tell the older sibling this when, being a younger sibling myself, it's usually what gets heard by us young 'uns. So, that is what tells me that it will be a short time longer before I'll be issuing that command to little sister - quit annoying your brother.

But it is sweet to see them always wanting to love on each other. I do hope that sticks around for a long while.