Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just Fine

Well, I had my NovaSure procedure yesterday. Only time will tell if that will help my anemia and do away with the PMS. However, the down side to it is now I have no excuse. You know, the "I can be cranky if I want to because it's my time of the month" excuse, or "I can eat this whole container of chocolate ice cream because it's my time of the month" one, or the "I have to lay in bed all day long because I'm cramping (or have the hormonal headache) and can't cook and clean right now" justification. Yeah, that is gone now. Hmmm. I didn't think of that before.

And, someone really needs to remember to remind me if there is a next time that I don't handle anesthesia well. I can't seem to remember that. Could be that I'm under anesthesia and really don't have that great of a memory while drugged up. I was just fine yesterday when they sat me up in the little waiting room. My nose was still itching and it seemed as if I hadn't stopped talking since I went under. I also apparently talked to my doctor about his website in which I'm working on re-doing for him. I wish I knew what I said. It might have been profound! Anyway, I started having some cramping which is normal, so I was given Advil. Then nausea set in, which is also normal in some, so I was given Phenergan along with animal crackers and gatorade. But the pain was still very strong, so they added Vicodin to the mix. I waited uncomfortably for a long while for relief when my body decided to upchuck everything. Scott reminded me then that I did the same thing while under epidural having a c-section with Hunter (which I remember), and immediately after having my gallbladder removed (which I don't remember). So, yeah, next time, someone needs to remind me that I get sick. Then, I was administered some Zofran which helped.

We came home (longest trip EVER from Plano to McKinney) and Scott gave me 2 Vicodin and then I went to bed until around 3:30. I got up to see my kiddos and get hugs and kisses. Hadyn was so overjoyed to see Mommy that she would hardly let go of me to let me do anything. Hunter brought home an OUTSTANDING report card that I was looking over when missy would let me. I took a couple more pain pills around 4pm and then was good for the rest of the night.

So far today, I've been good. I've had just a little cramping but nothing like yesterday. My nurses told me that my uterus was "angry". Angry? No, I know what angry is. It wasn't angry, it was full blown #$%@ off!!!!! But today, we've made up and I'm just fine.

Again, time will tell, but I'm looking forward to not ever having "that time of month" again, even if it did blow my excuse mix out of the water. Whoo Hoo!!

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