Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Time is something that we all have to guard very carefully. It slips past us so easily if we aren't paying attention to it. And when you try to cram some activity into nearly every minute of your day, then it goes into lightspeed motion and you may end up having nothing but a bad attitude to show for it.

Scott is working through how to balance and set boundaries around his time right now. We should all learn how to do this but usually it takes a critical point to snap us into action. Since we did not home-school Hunter this year, the time that Scott and Hunter spend together has diminished to nearly non-existent. And the time they do have together can be a little rough since Hunter has picked up a little attitude issue this year (someone let me know, is this just a normal 6 year old thing or has my precious boy been body snatched?). Well, one day last week, after a stressful, rushed morning, Scott got very frustrated with a loud, very vocal Hadyn on the way to drop Hunter off at school and he snapped at her to hush. This bothered brother, who is very protective of his baby sister. When Dad was getting him out of the car, he told Hunter that he wouldn't be home until after Hunter was in bed that night. Our little boy responded with an under-the-breath, "who cares." Scott questioned him about that and said, "don't you care that you won't see me tonight?" Hunter turned and looked at him then declared, "No, we have pictures of you."


Yeah, that hurts. But the kid knew where to hit with his verbal punch. And it woke both of us up. Time is so precious. Kids are only kids once. Do we really want to rush them through it? I don't want to coddle him so much that he won't grow up, but he IS a six year old little boy.

School was delayed a couple of hours this morning due to ice on the roads. What did we do? We used our time very wisely. See for yourself:

Enjoy your time - whatever you are doing!

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