Monday, July 28, 2008

Diversity - A dirty word?

I'm wondering more and more is diversity truly what it means? Or is it just a cop out for people who want to express their opinions while shutting down the voices of others? I'm in an email loop - I'm in several, so I'll protect the innocent by not naming the group - that claims diversity as part of it's appeal. However, I'm learning as I read more emails on this loop that diversity seems to reach only so far. IF you are a Christian, as I am, I don't think your opinions or beliefs will be allowed here.

I joined this particular group because it was not strictly Christian so we could be outside of "church world" more and be the salt of the earth that God calls us to be. I am not going to go Bible thumping across someone's head, but I hope that the Light of Christ shines through me and my family. I need prayer now, for sure, because tonight I read a line on an email that brought tears to my eyes regarding a leadership type book for teens written from a Christian viewpoint: "it's not something I'd want my kids to read."

Okay, okay, you don't have to agree with the book, you don't have to believe the book, you don't even have to like the book but to not let your teens, who I would hope you have raised well in whatever way you chose to raise them, read and make their own viewpoints from this angle, well, it is painful. If the book was from another religious viewpoint, say Buddist, or Muslim, or Hindu, or anything other than Christian and had good things to say, would THAT be okay? It's funny since all other world religions either encourage their followers to read Christ's teachings or revere Him as a wonderful teacher, that people in our "diverse" country will shun Christian teachings on the basis that it is just that: Christian.

Actually, that ought to be a wake up call to ALL CHRISTIANS! YOU ARE DOING A VERY POOR JOB OF YOUR PURPOSE! Okay, to ALOT of Christians, not all, but really, if just the name Christian freaks people out, then they really have gotten a bad message from somewhere. It's not about religion. It's not about rules. It's not about pointing fingers and making judgments. It's not about taking the abuse anyone doles out to you. Anyone who has done these to you is only human and needs to go back to the beginning and figure it out for real this time.

It is about relationships. God loves you. Jesus loves you. Wherever you are. Whoever you are. You are not alone. Find someone who really understands what the call is about. And let your kids in on it too. At least let them ask their own questions.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I have been pampered in the past day or two, it makes me not want to ever leave the house! Hunter has decided to take up massage - at least on Mom. He has given me foot rubs and a back massage that is actually very good. He already has my next foot massages scheduled for today. Apparently, I'll be the recipient of 3 of them today. Whoo Hoo! Scott isn't much on massage since it always hurt his hands to do so. But now, wow!

Also yesterday, Hadyn, jealous little thing she is, decided to get in on the Mommy pampering by showering me with hugs and kisses. Oh my. I made the comment as I was being hugged and massaged, that if they were older, I'd wonder what they were up to.

But at 7 years and 21 months, I think it's just pure love for their Mommy.

And I am loving every second of it!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Drum Lessons

Hunter is not interested in sports, except for NASCAR, so in trying to find something to "involve" him in, we all settled on drums. Scott's friend, Scott, gives drum lessons, so we got Hunter hooked up and into to lessons. There is a drum kit in Hunter's closet. Clothes on one side, drums everywhere else.

But even though he wants to play, the actual lessons and subsequent practices are lacking in the interest department. He'll fuss and groan through a lesson at which time Mr. Scott will put his sticks down and tell Hunter that since he seems to "know it all" anyway, he (Mr. Scott) doesn't need to be there. And practice at home tends to be "forgotten" due to a "bad memory". Uh huh. This is the child who will recite verbatim things that were said years ago. Bad memory my foot.

So, today, Hunter went to do his practice. Five minutes later he emerges telling me he did his practice. No, that was just the warm up. I sent him back in for at least 10 more minutes and it was on the dot that he came back out telling me he was done. Scott just freaked him out telling him that they were going to go back in for 45 more minutes. Now keep in mind, Scott used to sit with his guitar in his younger days for HOURS on end practicing. So 45 minutes is nothing to him. But Hunter is nonetheless freaked!

Time will tell, of course, whether we have a drummer or not in the house. It would be cool. The we'd have a family band!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Funny Girl

Hadyn is really becoming a full blow toddler. She's learning how to pretend. Yesterday as I was typing an email to a friend, I saw her "sneaking" up on me to tickle me. She quietly tippy-toed her was to me, right in front of me, with her little hands up ready to pounce. Oh, was joy was had when she got me and tickled, tickled, tickled Mama.

Then this morning she started a new thing. She'll lay down in my arms and pretend to go to sleep. She'll even put her little bitty finger by her mouth and do a "shhhhh" sound. I'll have to say, "oh, look, Baby is sleeping, we have to be quiet," then I am to tickle her under her arms. This afternoon during this game, she was squealing with delight before I could ever actually tickle her.

How funny. I wonder what she'll have in store for me tomorrow.

Parenting 101

Every now and then I meet someone with their kid(s) and think, "man, that person (those people) really should've taken parenting classes before they had kids." And I'm sure at some point, the same thing has been thought about us.

But if you think about it, what if parenting 101 was mandatory for pre-pregnancy? Who would make the rules? What would it be like?

If we were in, oh, say, on the southern west coast, the class may be something like this: "Let your offspring be free to be themselves, don't limit them with rules, but allow them to explore their personalities vocally or physically. Never say 'no' as it will be a detriment to their inner being. Shower your children with all the material things you can grab, but never assume that you are wise enough or smart enough to education your own children. We have people to do that for you."

Then in another southern area of the country, the class may be more like, "Children are to be seen and not heard. Hard spankings are very much allowed and expected or you will be punished. Teach your children that people who are different from us are to be ridiculed and rejected." And so on.

Yeah, no one is perfect and no one here has the best answer for how to raise our children. I guess I'll stick to the "as mentioned in the Bible" tactic and see how that works out for us.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Smartie Pants

I think Hadyn is getting too smart for us. Well, at least when she's a teenager, she'll be too smart for us. Last night Hunter was so excited for Speed Racer - The Next Generation to come on Nicktoons Network. It started and all of a sudden, Missy Bit decided to stop her playing and come stand right in front of the TV. I asked her to move and she did...three steps forward - right towards the TV. Okay, okay, babe, my bad, I meant move away from the TV. Yeah, well, she did that too...three more steps...right back to where she started - still in front of the TV but AWAY from it.

Did I mention she is 20 months old.

Oh, crap. We're in for it aren't we.

Friday, July 4, 2008


Hunter and I have been talking and reading about why we have an Independence Day on July 4th and why we celebrate with fireworks. We talk about the soldiers that fought for our freedom (and the ones that still are - that one is thanks to Auntie Jo's website and the letters from the Marines posted there). But mostly we've been talking about the fireworks.

Hunter is, well, I'm not sure how to describe it other than scared to bloody death of fire and loud noises - and fireworks. So every year for Independence Day and any special occasion where there might be any firework displays, we have either had to leave early or try to talk a panicked, screaming little boy down from his hysteria. For 7 years we've done this.

Last night we went to Scott's mom's house and walked down to the golf course from her house to watch the fireworks display at the country club there. Hunter was ready. He was prepared. He had himself convinced that everything would be fine...until he saw the sparkler.

Panic ensued and he started screaming like - well, like people scream on horror films with a maniacal monster chasing after them. I got down on my knees in front of him and kept calmly telling him to "look at Mommy, look at Mommy, Hunter where is Mommy, look at Mommy." I got him to look at me and the screaming stopped and his breathing started returning to somewhat normal. I explained to him that the sparkler was being held by a little child and it was safe - no damage to Hunter or to the child. Once he calmed down and looked at it again, he was okay with it. Then sparkler kid's dad came over to offer us some sparklers. We hurriedly, but polietly shooshed him away before panic started again.

When the display started, it was much closer to us than in previous years so Scott and I just gave each other an "oh boy" look before looking over at the headphoned Hunter actually enjoying the show. Yup, he was enjoying the show. We talked about the colors and the "pictures" in the sky (an angry sun, Saturn, a star, among other things Hunter saw in them) for around 35 minutes before the show was over and we walked back to Grandma's house. Oh yeah, Hadyn was tired but she was enthralled by the show and kept repeating "booom".

So maybe now we can actually watch displays in the future without the trauma. Yea!!!