Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Suburban Girl

I grew up outside a very small country town in the Texas Panhandle. The closest "big" city to us was Amarillo and going there to shop or eat was a big deal and had to be planned out in advance. I played basketball in other small towns you could smell (cattle stock yards) before you reached them and locals called the smell "money". My Dad told me that the other girls in those towns were big ol' corn fed girls that were up before dawn tending to the ranch before breakfast, which was why they could "womp-up" on my skinny "city girl" butt in our games. City Girl? What? Me? At the time, those were fighting words. Now, well, yeah, he knew. Of course, I'd love to be called skinny again.

Scott would love to live in the country. I wouldn't mind the peace and tranquility of it as long as I either have the resource of an airplane and runway beside my house to take me to town or live within a 30 minute driving distance of the city. Oh, I guess it's not so much "city" as it is the "suburbs". I really love the country hospitality of small towns, but I crave the newness of a growing suburban city. Mmmmmm, that new city smell, don't 'cha love it? Carrie Bradshaw may have her Manolo Blahniks to keep her happy, but watching a Sonic and a Home Depot being built across the street from my house, Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!, tater tots and a paint brush within walking distance - close to Heaven? Yeah.

We are visiting my family in the Texas Panhandle right now for Spring Break and we giggle and chuckle to ourselves about how bad the traffic is around here and that it takes forever to go anywhere (sarcasm dripping in buckets off these statements), but if the job was right, I think Scott might want to stay a while.

I don't know. Tater Tots may be down the street a little bit, but the nearest Home Depot is 45 miles away. Eeek!

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