Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I think I've finally figured it out. I've wondered for some time what my now 13 month old daughter talks about in her crib when she wakes up in the morning. I think I know now.

I can almost hear her making the words in her little speech: "Hmmmm, what can I get into today? What can I break today that I didn't get to yesterday? I don't know, I did a pretty good job of spilling everything on the floor before bed last night. That was pretty funny seeing Mommy just lay down on the floor. Daddy had already checked out from my screaming all evening. I just wanted to make sure they all heard me. Besides, I like the sound of my screaming. I think I'll do it right now and see if they are listening to my plans for the day..."

Yup. That's what she's saying alright. Well, either that or something like "Wow! Another day I get to play with my Mommy all day long with fun games of chase and pick up and tickles and kisses and yesses and nos and good girls and Daddy hugs and time and...."

Yeah, maybe that's it. That's what I'll go with anyway. It'll get me through the day better.

Praise God for my babies!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hosting With StartLogic

I've used StartLogic for hosting for a long time and in the overall big picture of things, they've been very reliable. I say overall big picture, because anyone can have problems at any time. When I've had problems, which have been few and far between, they've had good support. So, if you are looking for hosting, I would recommend them.

Click here for the information needed for setup.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mediocre at Best

"I'm mediocre at best..."

This statement was uttered by NASCAR Nextel Cup, 4 Time Champion, Jeff Gordon on Sunday during a race in which he was not driving up to his potential. He was fighting the setup on his car and having a lot of problems. But he was not placing blame on his crew, on the other drivers, or on a bad day.

It dawned on me that it takes a champion - in any capacity - to realize mediocrity. The people who stay in mediocrity are complacent to be there simply because they either don't realize where they are or they just don't care. But true champions do care and do not settle for that.

Are you a champion or have you let complacency drag you down to mediocrity? Choose today to change your thinking and live as a champion!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nothin' But Time

Okay, okay, yeah, I know. The tag line for my business is "when you just don't have the time" and here I'm saying "nothing but time". Doesn't make sense right? Well, it does, if you really think about it.

How many times do you say or have said, "I just don't have time for this"? Probably more than you can count. But the funny thing is, in reality, there is nothing but time. Time is in perpetual motion. It never stops (well, there was that one time in Joshua 10:12-13). So how can we say we don't have time for something? If we have something, it is time. It is fleeting, but we do have it.

What you DO with your time is the issue at hand. Do you spend it in worry? Do you fret over a problem for hours with no solution? Do you ignore the urgings and promptings in your soul to spend time in communion with your God because you have a deadline to meet? Do you overbook your children and stress out over keeping their schedule? How do you spend your time?

Think about time differently. Time is there. You do have time. Choose to spend it differently. Delegate your tasks if you can (send your website business to me!!), take a break to catch a breath and rethink your approach, say "no" when you are overworked, or overbooked. Take the time to devote to God and reap the goodness and rewards of living in His word daily.

Time is ticking.