Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Changing of the Guard

Hunter is 6 years, Hadyn is 17 months. They love each other. They adore each other. They can't wait to see each other every day. And for right now, Hunter can bug the crud out of his sister. I imagine it won't be long for the changing of the guard and it to be the other way around for a while.

They take their bath together (this will be something else to change in time, too). It is generally easier on me to put them in the tub together and let brother "keep-an-eye" on sis so I can clean up after dinner and get their pj's ready for them for bed. But I do have to leave the bathroom with the command, "keep your hands off of her, keep out of her face, don't dump water over her head, and quit annoying her!"

It's funny to have to tell the older sibling this when, being a younger sibling myself, it's usually what gets heard by us young 'uns. So, that is what tells me that it will be a short time longer before I'll be issuing that command to little sister - quit annoying your brother.

But it is sweet to see them always wanting to love on each other. I do hope that sticks around for a long while.

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