Friday, May 30, 2008

Really, THAT Old?

Okay, so I'm one of these weirdo people who (1) thinks everyone I'm around is the same age I am, and (2) I think I'm still pretty young. When I get around people who really are my age and they're all moaning and groaning about getting older and they have kids graduating high school or college, I can't help but think, man, you really are old. But me, nah. I'm not old. I have two small children. God doesn't give those to people who are old, right?

Well, today I found out, I must be REALLY old.

I was at my Stroller Strides class this morning, doing my best to keep up with the instructor and keeping up with all the other moms. When we stopped at our last station to do some ab work, one of the moms made a comment to Hadyn about her little "jellies" shoes. She started to reminisce about her childhood "jelly" shoe collection and then other moms joined in. I was laying on my back thinking, "I just don't remember having any jellies when I was little", when one mom said, "yeah, everything from the 80's are coming back."

So, I opened my big mouth. "80's?" I said, "I was in high school in the 80's." Which explained to me why I didn't have any jellies when I was "little". The other moms, just kinda looked at me and then one announced she was born in 1980. Oh well. So, I told of my "thing" of thinking that everyone is the same age. Big mistake.

The conversation then turned to the "encouraging" - 'oh, but age is just a state of mind', and 'you're only as old as you think you are' and of course, the last nail in the coffin, "at least you are out here doing something."

WHAT?!? Um, okay. I guess I should be glad I'm "out here doing something" as opposed to sitting at home in my lazy boy recliner watching soap operas at my ripe old age of 40.

Man, did I think 40 was that old when I was in my 20's? Yeah, probably so. Oh well. I better go rest my weary bones before they just break on me. Now, where's my walker?

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