Monday, May 19, 2008

That Baby

I went to Hunter's school this afternoon to help with a class project. Scott had told me to bring Hunter home with me - rather than him ride the bus later - when I was done and he would take him to see "Speed Racer", which Hunter has been very anxious to see. We finished up the project around 2:40 so I checked him out of school and we left for home. I let him call Dad to tell him we were on our way and to let Daddy tell him about going to the movie.

Scott and I had already decided that it would be too long a movie to take Hadyn with us, so I told Hunter that it would just be Daddy and him going to the movie and I would stay home with Lil' Bit. Hunter was okay with that - he just wanted to go - but he sat quietly for a second and then said, "we used to go places all the time as a family, now we have 'that baby' and it's always just me and Daddy going." I laughed and agreed with him. Yeah, since we got "that baby", we don't always go and do as a family like we had gotten accustomed to doing. I did tell him that it wouldn't be too much longer before she would be old enough and more importantly, well behaved enough to go to the movies and other things like that and then we'd all go as a family again.

Hunter and I laughed together as we talked about "that baby" and what a feisty, ornery, hurricane of a little stinker she is, but wow! do we love her or what?! We couldn't imagine being without her. She is sweet and precious, smart and lively, happy and healthy, big and beautiful! Her big brother loves her so much and she adores him. She may be "that baby", but he's glad she's OUR baby!!!

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