Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

It is Mother's Day, 2008. I got some good cuddles this morning from Hunter and then Hadyn woke up so happy and smiley and saying "Mommyyyyy" (she puts the accent on the last syllable - so cute). Yeah, a great start to a wonderful day. But it's the next thing that just made my morning.

I went to the home school book fair on Friday and picked up Hunter's 2nd grade curriculum for next year. One of the books included in this set was a NIrV Bible. I was showing Hunter how to look up scripture in his Bible and he has been reading in it all morning. He said his teacher at church will give him an extra "bible buck" (given to kids for memorizing their verses to spend at the "store") for bringing a bible to class. He sat on the couch just holding his new bible very close to his chest and told me about hearing on the news of a house fire that burned the family bibles. It made him sad to hear that and as he clutched his bible, he told me how much he loved his bible and how he hopes nothing bad ever happens to it.

It just brought tears to this Mommy's eyes. I know we have many more years and more trials ahead of us, but to hear my 6 - almost 7 -year old son express his love for his bible, just warmed me so much.

And not to leave little sister out, she loves her books, one of which is a board book picture bible which we read daily at her insistence -which she now refers to as her "bi-bo".

Thank you, Jesus, for giving me these precious babies to raise for you.

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