Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Freakin' Wildlife

I grew up in the country - well, to me it was country. It was in the middle of the Texas Panhandle, very small town, outside the city limits, so, it was country. Anyway, I heard all sorts of animal life around me: dogs, cats, birds, horses, cows, pigs, chickens, coyotes, etc. I appreciate the wild - and not so wild -life. However, it's starting to bug me.

Every morning around 6AM, we are awakened not by an alarm clock, children, or even a city rooster, but by a lonely Cardinal that has claimed our cul-de-sac area as home. He gets in our backyard and calls out for a mate. Man, I'm really thinking of trying to buy a lady Cardinal somewhere and putting her back there just to shush him up! Where can I buy one? I don't know, maybe he has a mate somewhere and he's just proclaiming that fact out loud every morning. I think we know some guys like him.

Then there's the freakin' little bunnies. I really like bunny rabbits. They are so cute with their little bitty ears standing up and their little bitty cotton puff tails. Oh, yeah, they are cute. But doggonnit, they are eating my new flowers I just planted. I saw on the internet that you could put mothballs around the flower garden and the bunnies will stay away. Well, I try just about anything right now. My flower bed looks now like a hail storm hit it (moth balls and eaten up flowers). Now, if I can keep MY wildlife (kids) out of the marshmallow looking mothballs and deter the cute little bunnies elsewhere, I guess I'll be doing good.

I don't guess I'll have to worry about moths by the door for a while, either.

Freakin' wildlife.

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