Friday, July 4, 2008


Hunter and I have been talking and reading about why we have an Independence Day on July 4th and why we celebrate with fireworks. We talk about the soldiers that fought for our freedom (and the ones that still are - that one is thanks to Auntie Jo's website and the letters from the Marines posted there). But mostly we've been talking about the fireworks.

Hunter is, well, I'm not sure how to describe it other than scared to bloody death of fire and loud noises - and fireworks. So every year for Independence Day and any special occasion where there might be any firework displays, we have either had to leave early or try to talk a panicked, screaming little boy down from his hysteria. For 7 years we've done this.

Last night we went to Scott's mom's house and walked down to the golf course from her house to watch the fireworks display at the country club there. Hunter was ready. He was prepared. He had himself convinced that everything would be fine...until he saw the sparkler.

Panic ensued and he started screaming like - well, like people scream on horror films with a maniacal monster chasing after them. I got down on my knees in front of him and kept calmly telling him to "look at Mommy, look at Mommy, Hunter where is Mommy, look at Mommy." I got him to look at me and the screaming stopped and his breathing started returning to somewhat normal. I explained to him that the sparkler was being held by a little child and it was safe - no damage to Hunter or to the child. Once he calmed down and looked at it again, he was okay with it. Then sparkler kid's dad came over to offer us some sparklers. We hurriedly, but polietly shooshed him away before panic started again.

When the display started, it was much closer to us than in previous years so Scott and I just gave each other an "oh boy" look before looking over at the headphoned Hunter actually enjoying the show. Yup, he was enjoying the show. We talked about the colors and the "pictures" in the sky (an angry sun, Saturn, a star, among other things Hunter saw in them) for around 35 minutes before the show was over and we walked back to Grandma's house. Oh yeah, Hadyn was tired but she was enthralled by the show and kept repeating "booom".

So maybe now we can actually watch displays in the future without the trauma. Yea!!!

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