Thursday, February 7, 2008


My kids are so different from each other - as are most kids, I suppose. However, I have seen some kids and look at their parents and wonder how those parents got those kids! No, I can look at my completely-different-from-each-other kids and know exactly where they get their little personality traits. Hunter and Hadyn are a perfect blend of Mom and Dad...from their looks to their attitudes to their little quirks. I'm sure at some point, something that is not us will show up in them, but for now....

Hunter has the inability to "shut up" when it is really needed. Most who know us would think that comes from me. Sorry to disappoint, but no, that is his Daddy all over. I will talk about something tangible. Scott will babble, sing-song over non-sense, and crack himself up at nothing at times when it is really not needed...or wanted. I called him on it one morning and told him that he got on to Hunter the night before for the same thing. He said he was just thinking that and how he does it all the time, so of course Hunter would do it!

Hadyn is stubborn. Oh, so is Hunter, but Hadyn...whoo. My stubbornness can usually overpower Hunter's, but I've got to rethink my approach with this little girl before she gets any older. We took Hadyn for her 15 month checkup a few weeks ago. Hunter was out of school, so he came along, too. When it came time for the shots, I thought Hunter was going to pass out. This is my drama king. When he gets a shot, or a scratch, or looked at ugly, he flies apart as if the world was ending right now! Missy Bit, on the other hand, tumbled off the sidewalk onto the driveway one day, got up to her feet and looked around at everyone as if to say, "it's all cool, baby, I'm cool." So when it was time for her shot, she looked at me, screamed out in pain, then the screamed turned to out & out hacked off!! Again, I could hear in that scream, "#@&%!!! YOU JUST WAIT, NURSE LADY, I'LL GET YOU!!" Then with an offer of her juice cup, we were happy again. Hunter was still on the bench nearly hyperventilating.

Hunter is my talker. He's going to be a Pastor or something like that. Hadyn is a warrior. A stubborn hard-headed fighter.
Yup. Those are my babies!

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