Thursday, February 21, 2008

Everywhere I Step...

Scott and I have decided we could write a song: "Everywhere I step, I step in puke (or tinkle or poop)". Yeah, I know, gross. But for the parents reading this, you know, you've been there, done that and if you haven't, give it time.

Hunter has a virus and started throwing up at 8pm on Tuesday night and was still going into early this morning. He was doing good yesterday afternoon, so it was a set back this morning. His teacher said there were 6 kids out of his class yesterday. I've been doing continuous laundry since Tuesday (I started my usual laundry on Tuesday morning and thanks to this - it hasn't stopped). We've scrubbed our hands so much I'm surprised we still have skin. Hadyn just doesn't get why brother is here and why she can't hug and love on him. I try to keep the house picked up and clean for the most part anyway, but when an illness starts, I disinfect everything! But it still doesn't shake the fact that we could be walking in it! Yuk.

Add to that, Hadyn, at 16 months yesterday, has decided she wants to sit on the potty and likes wearing panties. Cool! Except she has no control and really doesn't mind wearing wet or otherwise yukky panties so she doesn't let us know when she "needs" to sit on the potty, just when she "wants" to sit. And if she gets her way in her true nirvana - total freedom from clothing - her "no different from a dog" ways come out and I'm picking up little piles all the way down the hallway.

Ha! Anyone want to come for a barefoot visit? Yeah, I thought not. Actually my neighbor is renting a carpet cleaner and has offered to share it with us. We'll be clean for a little while anyway. But until then, I'll guess we'll keep working on our hit song.

"I stepped in puke, I stepppppped in puke,
Don't let nobody walk there,
'cause I stepped in puke."

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