Friday, February 22, 2008

Ah, Childhood

I don't remember first grade much. I certainly don't remember much of the drama of first grade but I'm sure it was there. No, actually I do remember an incident, but I'm not sure what grade it was in. There was a bickering over the ownership of a pen found in the back of a car and a vow to not be friends forever and ever. Yeah, I think that lasted a few hours then all was fine.

I got a call from Hunter's teacher this afternoon. Apparently, she had received a call or two from Moms whose children had been on the receiving end of a scathing comment from Hunter. The comment was, to one child, "I'm not inviting you to my birthday party because you're weird," and to another one or two kids, "I don't like you so you can't come to my birthday party."

Great. Well, there were two things to deal with to start. One, everyone is weird, kid, some just a little more than others, so just deal with it because someone else out there thinks you are weird...I mean look who you have for parents. And two, your birthday isn't until June. I can't even plan a week out right now, not to mention another four months out. When he finally came clean with who he had said what to, my heart just broke for the precious little one that he called weird. I volunteer in Hunter's class and this kid is highly imaginative and a creative thinker. I like him. He is always so sweet to me and loves to talk. I can imagine he would test his teacher at times (find me a 1st grader who wouldn't), but he is just so cute...much like my sweet boy...when he is being sweet.

So, we made Hunter write apology notes to all the kids that he said ugly things to. He HATES writing, so it was an appropriate punishment on a few different levels.

He and Dad are watching Spongebob together right now, so I think Hunter is over the trauma of the day. Hopefully, by the time the other kids get their "sorry" notes, they will be wondering why they are getting them.

Love those kiddos!

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