Sunday, January 27, 2008

Say What?

It's funny how a simple twist of a word can conjure up so many images. Yesterday, as we were backing out of the driveway, Hunter asked me, "Mom, how many Kennedy's do you have in your body?" My mind was thinking, doll baby, I was raised in a mostly Republican household, so I'm pretty confident that I don't have ANY Kennedy's in MY body! But rather than try to explain that, I just said, "uh, none?" This was not a sufficient answer for him as he insisted that I HAVE to have Kennedy's in my body...EVERYBODY has Kennedy's in their body. It was at this point I realized what he was trying to say: KIDNEYS! Kidneys, honey, not Kennedy's. Yeah, Mom has two kidneys. Those I do have.

But he comes by this honestly. A few years ago when we decided to switch to organic/whole foods/natural eating, I was just surfing the 'net looking at organic farming sites - just surfing. Scott walked up behind me to see what I was looking at and scoffed, "Are you going to have us living on a concubine next?" Commune, dear, commune. And, no.

See, Hunter is all set up to ask these type of questions. It's in his Kennedy's.

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