Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Funny Girl

Hadyn is really becoming a full blow toddler. She's learning how to pretend. Yesterday as I was typing an email to a friend, I saw her "sneaking" up on me to tickle me. She quietly tippy-toed her was to me, right in front of me, with her little hands up ready to pounce. Oh, was joy was had when she got me and tickled, tickled, tickled Mama.

Then this morning she started a new thing. She'll lay down in my arms and pretend to go to sleep. She'll even put her little bitty finger by her mouth and do a "shhhhh" sound. I'll have to say, "oh, look, Baby is sleeping, we have to be quiet," then I am to tickle her under her arms. This afternoon during this game, she was squealing with delight before I could ever actually tickle her.

How funny. I wonder what she'll have in store for me tomorrow.

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