Monday, July 28, 2008

Diversity - A dirty word?

I'm wondering more and more is diversity truly what it means? Or is it just a cop out for people who want to express their opinions while shutting down the voices of others? I'm in an email loop - I'm in several, so I'll protect the innocent by not naming the group - that claims diversity as part of it's appeal. However, I'm learning as I read more emails on this loop that diversity seems to reach only so far. IF you are a Christian, as I am, I don't think your opinions or beliefs will be allowed here.

I joined this particular group because it was not strictly Christian so we could be outside of "church world" more and be the salt of the earth that God calls us to be. I am not going to go Bible thumping across someone's head, but I hope that the Light of Christ shines through me and my family. I need prayer now, for sure, because tonight I read a line on an email that brought tears to my eyes regarding a leadership type book for teens written from a Christian viewpoint: "it's not something I'd want my kids to read."

Okay, okay, you don't have to agree with the book, you don't have to believe the book, you don't even have to like the book but to not let your teens, who I would hope you have raised well in whatever way you chose to raise them, read and make their own viewpoints from this angle, well, it is painful. If the book was from another religious viewpoint, say Buddist, or Muslim, or Hindu, or anything other than Christian and had good things to say, would THAT be okay? It's funny since all other world religions either encourage their followers to read Christ's teachings or revere Him as a wonderful teacher, that people in our "diverse" country will shun Christian teachings on the basis that it is just that: Christian.

Actually, that ought to be a wake up call to ALL CHRISTIANS! YOU ARE DOING A VERY POOR JOB OF YOUR PURPOSE! Okay, to ALOT of Christians, not all, but really, if just the name Christian freaks people out, then they really have gotten a bad message from somewhere. It's not about religion. It's not about rules. It's not about pointing fingers and making judgments. It's not about taking the abuse anyone doles out to you. Anyone who has done these to you is only human and needs to go back to the beginning and figure it out for real this time.

It is about relationships. God loves you. Jesus loves you. Wherever you are. Whoever you are. You are not alone. Find someone who really understands what the call is about. And let your kids in on it too. At least let them ask their own questions.

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Stacee said...

Hey - could you just scoot over a bit on your soapbox and give me a little room to get up there, lol. I agree!! I recently left a group that "accepted everyone regardless of their beliefs" - except Christians. It was so anti-Christian, it was ridiculous.
Anyhow, I better stop or I'll have to build a bigger soapbox :) Great post!