Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cool Weather!

I am heading north. I'm tired of the heat and I'm leaving. Well, temporarily. My niece is getting married on Friday (she wanted her date to be 08/08/08) outside of Amarillo. No, it's not really any cooler than it is here in our part of Texas, but it's a dry heat. You can cool off in a breeze under a shade in dry heat - sorta. I don't know, once it gets over high 90's, it doesn't really matter if it's a dry or humid heat. It's just hot!

Anyway, Scott is planning on meeting us in a few days to go on up to my parent's cabin in Northern New Mexico - in the mountains. I just checked the weather there: Highs in the 70's Lows in the 40's. YES!!!!!

Now, I have to try to dig out cool weather clothes for us. You know, it's always something, isn't it.

Keep cool,

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Holly (me.) said...

Yay! West Texas--- Don and I were talking about the beauty of that dry heat compared to our swampy heat over the past couple of afternoons. Have fun!