Saturday, April 26, 2008


It's easy to see the logic behind our Divine Design when you are a parent. You can see God's glory being played out in your children and in your own life from time to time. But right now, I'm wondering...what is the purpose for painful "teeth cutting"?

I mean, I nursed my children, so I am very thankful they were not born with a full set of chompers, but this little girl is going to send me over the edge lately. I told Hunter that when they are grown, he'll have the right to tell her that it was her appearance on the Earth that sent Mom completely over the edge into insanity. Oh, yeah, he will have had a good part of it, but it is Hadyn that cinches the deal. For the past few days, she hasn't slept as well, eaten as well, or been as well behaved as usual. And it's driving me crazy. Everything is whining, crying, screaming, fit throwing, food throwing, and then there's what Hadyn has been doing. HA! No, just kidding, my stress level is holding pretty good lately.

I guess this is a patience builder (we didn't have this problem with Hunter - his teeth cut pretty effortlessly) and I'll just keep hold that this too shall pass quickly. God bless these babies. I love 'em.

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