Thursday, April 24, 2008

Still Feeling Good!

Well, it's been four weeks since Scott and I started taking the Univera product, Ageless Xtra, and WOW!! We can so tell a difference in ourselves. At first, I thought maybe I was feeling better because of the NovaSure procedure, but I was told to give my body at least 3 months for a difference there - and it's only been under one month, so it has to be the Ageless Xtra.

I blogged about some effects of this on my last blog entry but I had only just started the product. My Mom (who is 75 - don't tell her I told) is taking it, too, and she is just now beginning to tell a difference. This is not something to take if you are expecting a sudden burst of energy and a huge, immediate, drastic difference in your energy, stress level, mental clarity, and joint comfort/flexibiltiy...there are dealers on street corners with stuff for immediate action. No, this is subtle. Very subtle. My Mom said she was looking in the fridge for something, and noticed some containers that needed to be cleaned out. Normally, her thought pattern would be something like, "oh, those need to be cleaned out...I'll get to them later..." and of course, we know, later only comes when you have no other choice. But on this day, she grabbed the containers and cleaned them out. Then she noticed her sink faucet needed a good scrubbing, and she started on that. Before too long, she realized that she had cleaned her kitchen...something that she knew needed to be done, she just didn't have the energy for it. Now, when I talk to her on the phone, she's not sitting in the living room with my Dad watching TV all the time, she's up doing things. As the product works into her system more, I would imagine her focus and clarity will start sharpening up, too.

Scott has been taking it with me and he doesn't come home from work and crash on the couch at night anymore. As an example for him, last Friday, he took Hunter to school and came home and decided to clean the house. Naturally, I let him! He cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors, shampooed the carpets, and then went out to mow and edge the yard. Then, that evening, we played at the church for the Women's Conference. His focus is really coming back to him to get himself organized and structured on a work and practice schedule, which is something he has struggled with doing lately.

For me, I've had more energy, more clarity, way less stress, and now I've noticed that my back and shoulder doesn't bother me as much as it had been. Okay, yes, I have been going to a chiropractor for a while, but I think it is the combination that has really helped me.

I talked to someone else the other day who said she isn't telling much of a difference, but she might not be able to tell it right now...remember, it is subtle.

Anyway, for something that is not chemical laden, good for you, and really works, I recommend it. I'm still feeling good...and starting to lose some weight, too!! Whoo Hoo!!

Take care!

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