Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Feeling Good!

Okay, as odd as it may sound coming from me lately....I feel good. I'm not bouncing off the walls or anything, but I just "feel" good...or I feel well...whatever works for you.

I've been taking Univera products my doctor suggested and I can really tell a difference. The company's website (along with my doctor) claim that the Ageless Xtra product I'm taking does the following: Promotes Vital Energy, Supports Mental Clarity and Focus, Helps Manage Stress, and Promotes Joint Comfort and Flexibility. Uh huh, right, sure. Right? But guess what?!! IT DOES!!!

I could tell a difference in two days of taking this product. It was subtle, but there. I caught myself thinking "I feel good". I haven't thought that in a long while. I don't feel as tired as I have been feeling. I'm not jittery (no caffiene), not "reved up", just good. Then two days ago, we went through a small, but evident crisis here. During the afternoon, our tornado sirens went off and the local news was telling everyone in our area to take immediate shelter. I had Hunter, Hadyn and Ethan here. Hunter and Ethan flew off to grab pillows and headed to the bathtub in my bathroom. Hunter was screaming at me to come on, hurry up, etc. I went to grab their shoes, and a board to put over us in the tub. I had them in the bathroom and was trying to corral Hadyn to stay in the bathroom while I was watching the news and trying to see what was going on and where. With 3 little ones - one in a panic, one who would not stop talking, and one who did not see why she had to stay with the other two - you would think I'd be a little stressed, but no. After that crisis, the boys were playing and starting fighting and screaming with each other. I hate screaming. But again, I was stress free and just separated them and went on with my day.

Yeah, I think it works. I'm sold anyway. Anything that is natural, been around the world forever (30 years in Korea), my trusted physician has researched and likes, and the fact that IT WORKS, well count me in.

Let me know if you want to feel better, too! I'll hook you up!!!

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