Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Hate Legos

If you haven't already, you may want to read yesterday's blog "The Best Birthday Present...EVER!" before you read this one. It may help a little bit.

Hunter and I sat down yesterday afternoon to put together my new Indiana Jones Lego set - the big one with the Hovitos temple complete with booby traps and everything. It is the first scene from "Raiders of the Lost Ark". We put in the "Raiders" DVD so Hunter could really grasp how it all was supposed to work and who was a good guy and who was not. I had just put Hadyn down for a nap so it was about 1PM when we started. I opened the box and pulled out two step-by-step instruction books, 6 bags of Lego pieces, and a few big block type of pieces. Fortunately, the bags were numbered so we didn't have to dump it all and search through it to find anything. The instructions were very clear. So far, so good.

Scott had left for a hospital visit and came back to us still working at the living room coffee table with the movie going on behind us. He decided on a little couch nap while Hunter and I (mostly me) still worked. At 3:38, Hadyn woke up and I still wasn't done. She played with Dad, tried to "help" me, and was just generally in the way. By 4PM my head was starting to hurt. Is there any end to this? Why are there so many pieces? Maybe we should have a bigger house with a specific "Lego" room. And really, for the prices they charge for these sets, I think they should come already assembled!!

By 4:30, I had put the last pieces on the set, checked to see that everything was working, and allowed Hunter to play a little bit with it. Then, since Hadyn was a little too interested in the set, I decided to take it into my room for Hunter to play with (there is no more Lego space in his room). I gently picked up the set which spans close to two feet long and started to carry it away. I was out of the living room just about to enter my room when...

Yes. I did it. I dropped the Lego set. Five hundred and fifty four pieces. Three and one half hours of non-stop piecing together. All at the entry way of my room. I just put my hands over my eyes, turned around and started chanting, "this didn't just happen, this didn't just happen". Scott was cracking up. I don't know when the last time I've heard him laugh that hard was. I'm so glad I could be a joy to him like that. Hunter was in shock, just looking at the mess. Bless his baby heart, he did try to put some pieces back on, but it really didn't help. I finally got it all drug into my room and after another bit of time, got it all put back together again. I was really wanting some superglue as I worked, though.

I told Hunter later that I really liked my birthday present, but I asked him to please not buy me any more Legos. After a surprised look, my sweet precious 6 year old boy, started laughing as hard as his Daddy had earlier.

I think they both know now that Mommy and Legos just aren't a good mix. But hey, that set looks good now!! We just aren't allowed to move it or play with it! HA!

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