Thursday, January 24, 2008

Too Fast

Kids grow up way too fast. I can remember telling my Mom that I couldn't wait to grow up and she would tell me that I would get that wish before I knew it. Of course, at that time, I didn't believe her. I figured it would take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to grow up. And by grow up, I do mean get older, not necessarily more mature.

Now, as I look at Hunter and Hadyn, I can see how quickly time can pass. I watch Hadyn do precious little things that I feel like Hunter was just doing not that long ago, and then I look at that long, skinny, sweet little boy and realize those baby years are gone. It has created in me a patience I did not think was possible. I know that has to be God's doing, because patience is most certainly not my doing! When I feel a little girl clutching my legs as I'm cooking or doing dishes, I just let her (as long as it's safe), because that time will quickly pass. I stop things I'm doing during the day - at just a look - and sit down on the floor to play dolls or blocks, because this time will pass, too. I clean up crumbs, dirty faces, food covered trays, spilled juice cups, and much more with a small smile on my face because most of this will pass, too!

And it has helped me see Hunter as a still small boy. He will be bigger before I'm ready, so I'm taking all the 6 year old angst in stride and we'll break out into silly play occasionally. All the attitude he is experimenting with, I have recently developed a calm toward. The instant distraction he conjures up when he is supposed to be doing something Mom or Dad directed is now being met with more love and a gentle, but strong, nudging back on track. The constant disdain towards homework and mom supplemented school work is dealt with a smile and a hug and the phrase, "you'll be done in just a little bitty bit." And we still get our cuddles and "bed-night" kisses from this little one.

Yeah, they grow up way too fast and since I can't stop it or slow it down, I think I'll just smile and enjoy every stage of it!

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