Monday, January 21, 2008

The Best Birthday Present...EVER!

Today is my birthday. I am, I guess, officially OVER THE HILL. I am 40 today. However, if this is OTH, then does that mean we only live to be 80? No, I'll take OTH at 60 then. My Darling Dear Husband arranged a family party for me my house. What initially sent me into a panic turned out to be really nice. Of course as I was frantically straightening up I did ask him, "it IS only family, right?" I could just imagine half the church popping over for well wishes!! But he said he wasn't sure if it was appropriate to advertise the fact that I was turning 40 to everyone else. For guys, it's generally acceptable, but for women, it is a loaded gun.

Hunter was especially excited for my birthday to come. A few weeks ago, we were watching TV while Scott was giving a guitar lesson in the office. A commercial came on for the new Indiana Jones Legos set. Hunter knows that I like Indiana Jones so he made sure to point them out to me and ask my opinion of them. Knowing how much Hunter likes Legos, I made a big deal over them. Well, sweet precious asked if he could go tell Daddy a secret. Ordinarily I would not let Hunter disturb Daddy while he is working, but in putting 2+2 together - my excitement over the set AND my birthday coming up, I could guess what the "secret" was.

This past Friday, Hunter went through the entire charade of checking the pantry for snacks and upon finding "none" (the bottom shelf is filled with snackie things), he insisted that he and Daddy run to the store to pick up some more. Now, this child does not like to leave the house for any reason and to just decide on a whim to run to the store for snacks, yeah, right. I knew something was up, so I just played along, again.

Yesterday at my party, my sweet precious boy carefully carried in a big box behind his back to surprise me with the "best gift EVER!" I got my very own set of Indiana Jones Legos!!! What a lucky Mom I am!! And I'm serious! My 6 year old boy picked this out, planned the shopping trips -the first outing was fruitless so he planned another one, and gave this to me himself. He is so excited to put this together with MOM, not Daddy, MOM!!! I have my own lego set to play with my son. And a son that wants to play with his Mama.

Yep, I have to say, right now, I think that is the best birthday present ever!

Happy Birthday to Me!!

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