Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Money, money, money!

If time flies, what does money do? Drive? Take a Limo? Charter a Jet? What? I've seen cartoons of cash with wings and I'm convinced that it is true if you don't keep a good watch on it. It wants to be spent. I watch Spongebob Squarepants with Hunter, my 6 year old son, and there is an episode where stingy Mr. Krabs wishes for his money to be able to speak with him. When his wish comes true, all is money wants is to be spent, not held in a safe or wallet. Ain't it the truth!!

Almost single-handedly, I drove my family into debt this past year as a result of my post-partum depression. I spent money because I "needed" to. I "had" to buy groceries, then I didn't feel like cooking those groceries, so we "had" to go out to eat. And it goes on and on. Praise to God that I'm out of that now and am on the road to debt recovery.

I made a commitment to not use my credit cards for anything. If there is some emergency, Scott and I can discuss it together, pray over it and then determine what we need to do or use. But for everything else, no cards.

Today I had a big break-through. I went to Kohl's to do some Christmas shopping. I was told at the checkout that if I used my Kohls card I could get up to 30% off my purchase. EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! UP TO 30% OFF!!! WOW!!! SAVING MONEY BY SPENDING SOME!!!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I SO wanted to use my Kohls card, but I resisted the temptation and kept to my other payment option - cash. Yeah, I could've used my card and then used my cash to pay off the card, but would I have done that? Perhaps, but why put myself in that kind of position, plus I made a commitment NOT to use any cards.

So, I did not get a discount, but I feel good that I did not add to my debt.

But I would still like to know who gave my money a fast car to drive away in!!!

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