Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Being Well

I'm amazed how many people I talk to (or read their blogs) that have gotten sick this season with "the crud". I'm assuming "the crud" encompasses many various forms of illnesses from icky coughs to topsy-turvy-tummies. I'm bound and determined to Be Well this holiday season!!

Scott got "the crud" last week and this past weekend I thought it had caught me as well, but we think it wasn't the passed around illness, but a relapse of my pancreatic episode that started during my pregnancy with Hadyn. I had my gallbladder removed after I had her, but if I overdo my poor eating - junk and fatty foods, pain can still flare up. And I over-did it with all my Christmas candy and cookie making recently. Oh, I didn't overdo the MAKING of the goodies....no, I over-did the TASTE testing of the goodies. I'm better now!!

It is my belief that we should all practice positive speech. I caught myself during the past weekend starting to say things like, "I'm sick" or "honey, go get such-n-such for Mommy, 'cause I don't feel well," and so on. And wouldn't you know it...I did not feel well and I was convinced I was sick. So it is time to go back to the positive speaking and say "I AM WELL". Never say that s-i-c-k word out loud or it just might catch you, just speak the other four letter word W-E-L-L!!

Just imagine what would happen if we all started speaking positive words over our lives and over others. I saw Deborah Norville on Rachel Ray's show (yeah, I like to watch RR) and she was talking about her book, "Thank You Power". She had her son come up with 3 good things each day that happened at school, no matter how trivial they may have seemed, and soon he started enjoying school more and doing better. Something so simple as speaking words.

God has blessed us with a potentially tremendous gift - words. Use them for good. Be Well this season, Be Well all year, May your families and friends Be Well.

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