Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vacation Part 2

August 14

I forgot to put a pic of the bat on the other post. I'll put him/her on this one.

Today we drove over the pass to Taos. We had a Taos Dining catalog so we perused through it to find a good place to eat lunch. We were surprised to find so many organic and natural food restaurant options. We chose 5 Star Hamburgers to eat. Wow! It was really good! The kids enjoyed and Scott and I were really getting into it.

Then we headed north of Taos to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. It’s a pretty cool sight to see. As you are driving across the flat plain area between mountain ranges, BOOM! There it is! All of a sudden in the middle of seemingly nowhere is a canyon second to the Grand Canyon. Hunter is such a worry-wart usually, but today, the kid was walking to the edge of some very unstable looking rocks, much to his mother’s chagrin. Then as we were walking across the bridge, the wind picked up over the canyon and I just had a horror film vision of the wind picking up my skinny little boy and carrying him over the side (Scott had a good hold on Hadyn). But this did not deter Hunter, who would squat down, knees through the rails on the bridge peering over – and he HAD to get us in the middle of the bridge so he could be right over the river. The kid who is afraid of everything wasn’t afraid of what he might should’ve had a healthy amount of fear. Go figure.

Anyway, tomorrow, at Hunter’s request, we are going white water rafting. Whee!!! This will be added to our list of completed things like bungee jumping, snow skiing, scuba diving, and sky diving.

More tomorrow!

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