Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vacation Part 1

August 12th

We drove to Eagle Nest, NM today. What should have taken us four hours to drive from my parents house took us close to seven. We made many bathroom stops, lunch stops, picture stops, and just stretch little bitty legs stops.

As we drove through the winding roads of Cimmaron Canyon, we noticed the outside temperature was a nice 66 degrees. Last week in the Dallas area, we were enjoying 106 degree temps. What a change. I don’t know what the temp was last night, but it was chilly. The kids have long sleeve shirts and jeans on this morning.

Our excitement last night was bat catching. Yup, bats. Everyone was in bed but me and Scott and I noticed a fuzzy little something resembling a mouse on the rock wall behind the fire. I walked towards it (yes, aren’t I the brave one) to see what is was and YIPES, it was a bat. I’ve never seen a bat that up close and in person. We gently caught the little creature and took his picture then released him outside. We sat back down to relive our conquest when we heard scritch-scratching again. Low and behold, another little bat was in the house. We caught him, too and released him (could be a her – I wouldn’t know how to look).

Anyway, it’s a good, cool trip so far. Today Hunter wants to “climb some mountains.” Yea.

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Holly (me.) said...

Don't you just love it when God livens things up with a surprise like your nocturnal visitors!