Thursday, February 12, 2009


Learning lessons can be hard. Teaching them can be harder, sometimes.

I have started going for morning walks with a good friend. The plan is that I take Hadyn with me and when Scott has early morning meetings or something, Hunter will go with us and ride his bike. On the mornings Hunter does not go, he will stay here with Dad and do his "morning routine" which is:
  1. get dressed
  2. brush teeth/hair
  3. make up your bed (and put the pillows on it)
  4. straighten up your room
  5. do your journal
  6. and do your Spanish (on the computer)
So, this morning, he was at home with Dad and was told to do his "routine". I came home from our walk and asked him if he did everything. "Yes." "Did you do your Spanish?" knowing how he hates doing this. "Ummmmm.......yes, I did part of it." "Really?" "Ummmmmmm....yes, I did a little until Daddy said he needed me." So I just smiled and walked into Scott's office and asked him what he needed Hunter for. He, of course, was confused so I told him what was going on and we both called Hunter in to confront him with his lie.

Ouch. I really hate this. Such a simple little fib. No, he didn't do his Spanish, but he did do everything else. Good Mama should just let it go, right? Nope. Not this Mama. I hit where it hurt - I grounded him from not only any video game he may want to play, but also his computer and then the kicker - all of his toys for the day. That was the one that hurt. He can do his schoolwork and read and if he doesn't whine and scream, I will allow him to watch some TV with us today. But if the neighbor friend comes over after school to play, Hunter can't go out to play.

Wow. But we are hoping to send a very strong message - Lying is not tolerated in our home!!

So it is hard on him, but I feel so badly for him, too. Yeah, lessons are hard to learn...and teach.

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Momma Marine said...

PARENTS LIKE YOU are why I always chose the "whippin" instead of the grounding. It hurt really bad but it was over very quick. Like RIPPIN' off the bandaid instead of gently peeling it from the young tender skin. Thank goodness Daddy never realized how I hated the grounding. I'd probably still be in my room, somewhere, Grounded...

You have the wisdom I hope you can maintain the strength....

Love you,