Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've Got Proof!

Now I have proof!

My children DO know how to wash dishes, so when they get older and tell me they don't know how to do it, I can whip out these pictures!

Hunter has always been really good at putting his dishes in the sink and helping clear the table, and now Hadyn will put things in the sink when we ask her to.

Since he is always the last one eating at the table, I decided that he could learn how to wash his own dishes. Of course for a while, the washing will be monitored for cleanliness sake.

But I just couldn't resist snapping these pics this evening.

Yup, I've got proof!


dabshire4 said...

Seems like as they get older, even though you know they used to know how, they lose this ability....

Momma Marine said...

You can take all the confidence in knowing you have PROOF and just sweep it out the front door. When your kiddos are big enough that you have to pull out photographs to PROVE TO THEM that they know how to do something and used to do it happily and willingly, they will simply respond to your PROOF with, "Gee, Mom, you're pretty good at PHOTOSHOPING!" Why do I say this? I will respond with, "Been There, Heard That!" And I even have the "contract" in the kids own HANDWRITING!!! Having spent some time with my precious niece, I will say that you need to have fun being naive and hopeful, because later on, that's all you'll have to hang on to.... Hunter is great, She's a handful! Geesh, I love that kid!!!