Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today, I am 41. Yes, according to a friend who had this birthday in July, I am officially IN my forties. I am not just 40, I am IN my forties. Cool.

For my birthday, I requested two things of my family. One, a new battery for my watch, and two, I wanted an apron. Yes, I did request this. I cook a lot in my home and I seem to get EVERYTHING on my clothing while cooking. Oh, my children do tend to help with this mess, but yeah, I get dirty. So, to deter my laundry stress, I asked for an apron.

Scott told me last night that apparently no one in Suburban Texas cooks anymore. Well, duh. From the number of thriving food joints around, no, I don't think hardly anyone does either. Kohl's, the people who have everything, do not carry aprons "off season". Oh yeah, did you know that the only time people cook is around the holidays? Wal-Mart, the people who really have everything, don't carry them AT ALL. Grocery stores - where one would find food for people who do cook - do not carry them. And to top that, he did get a battery for my watch, but couldn't get the back off of it to put it in. So he was bummed that I wasn't going to have anything to open on my day. I suggested that he could give Hunter some cash and then he could "take" me to World Market to see if they have any.

So, today, before my trip to the pizza place/bounce house for MY birthday, Hunter, Hadyn and I ran to World Market. Yes, Virginia, there is a place in Suburbia that people still buy things in which with to cook. I found my apron!!

And Scott did get the battery put into my watch. Good day, good day.

(Scott does have another surprise coming for my via mail. He is excited for it to arrive. I'm curious to know what has HIM excited??)

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Holly (me.) said...

I totally share your appreciation for the seemingly humble apron. Yours is fit for the Queen of the Home! Happy Birthday!