Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You Can't Hide Chocolate Ice Cream from Mama

Everyone in our family knows that I love and adore chocolate. I think that chocolate is truly a gift from God. I mean it has stuff in it that makes you feel good, enhances your "love" feelings, and reduces stress. It's almost perfect!!! The only negative thing about it is that you can get fat by eating too much of it. Bummer.

So, when Hadyn got her new kitchen set for Christmas, Mommy was thrilled to see there was an ice cream freezer and four different kinds of ice cream included. All right, it's plastic ice cream, but that IS the non-fattening kind.

As I was cleaning up some toys today and putting things back in their places, I noticed the chocolate ice cream was missing from Hadyn's freezer. I searched all over her room, in and around her kitchen, in our living room under the coffee table and around the couches. Then, as if my chocolate Ninja senses kicked in, I opted to look under the Christmas tree. Reaching between the two tree skirts (one is a cute automated Santa one and the other is my hand print project skirt), I felt a lump. I quickly peeled the two skirts apart to discover.....THE MISSING CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM!!!

Yeah, like you could really hide chocolate from Mom. Even the plastic kind. Sheesh. Who do these kids think they are dealing with?

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