Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Waiting for Christmas

Merry Christmas!

I am loving being in a house with young children at Christmastime. Hunter is bouncing off the walls in anticipation of Christmas. Hadyn picks up on anything brother does and is bouncing right along with him. They've been really good to stay out of the gifts that are under the tree, but ornaments on the tree are a completely different story. My tree is starting to look a little off kilter with all the ornaments slowly migrating to the top of the tree. Oh well. I love the anticipation, too.

At church one day, some of us had a discussion over what is told to children for the inevitable question of "is there a Santa Claus?" One dad said that he will answer honestly with a direct question, but disclaimer the answer with it is not to be discussed with other children. When another dad said that they would not "lie" to their child when asked, I had to respond. My mom and dad never told me anything. I got to an age, but I don't remember when, that I knew where that gift under the tree came from, but my mother would not 'fess up for nothin'. By doing so, she taught me to hold on to the faith of Christmas. She didn't lie...she would just answer, "what do you think?"

I love that answer. I know what Christmas is all about. I teach the true gift of Christmas to my children. But I also love holding on to that childhood joy of the magic and anticipation of Christmas morning.

I don't dread the holidays, I look forward to Christmas morning, too! Santa still visits me and Scott, too. Yea!!!

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