Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

Yeah, okay, I'll admit it, I like to assume conspiracies on the part of big business, governments, etc. occasionally. So now, I've figured another one out: Gas Prices! See, it was always the plan for gas prices to be around $2.50-$2.60, but "they" knew we would whine and complain about it, so "they" jacked the prices up to and over $4 bucks so when the prices "dropped" down to $2.60, we would celebrate and sing praises to the oil and gas companies.

HA! I've figured it out!!

Or not.

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JJLuman said...

Now Honey, Don't be so cynical. It is just that we....that is, I mean, the oil and gas people, needed to make a little extra money for a while, and so, gasoline had to go up, however, we are enjoying getting to fill us our SUV's and Pickups without having to pay $100 too. Actually we only paid $2.43 per gallon yesterday to fill Daddy's pickup, and that was nice. Don't you all want to move back up here in the oil country? OK?