Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New President

Well, the election is over (finally) and we have a new President. It may not be the choice of around 49% of Americans, but Barack Obama is now the President Elect of the United States of America. So, what do we do? We support our new President as EVERY American should. He was not my choice, but that is irrelevant now. Hunter saw the results coming in last night before he went to bed and was very concerned with all the blue he saw on the map. I told him that the election wasn't over, but even if Obama won, we should always respect the office of the President, that he would be THE President of OUR United States of America. God is in control, not us, so let's support our new president and let God lead us in our coming future.

God Bless America!!


Holly (me.) said...

Evan and Kate wanted to move to Poland this morning after hearing that we have at least four years of President-elect Obama ahead. I informed them that we will respect our leader and the office even if we do not necessarily agree with him... and that for those Poles who do care about the U.S. election 2 out of 3 supported our next President!

Kristy said...

Well, I think you acted more grown up than I .....I cried. But, I did pull it together and I prayed. At least I AGREED with Jay when he explained to the our children that we would respect our new President. However, here's my comfort that I did share with the kids....Obama might be president, but God is king. King trumps President any day! =)

Stacee said...

Us too, we didn't vote for Obama, but just like we also told our kids, he is going to be our next President and we WILL stand by and support him!